About Us


I-Tech has been in business since April 1, 2000, but most of our employees have been working together for almost 30 years as a unit. This gives I-Tech the stability for quality work and experience to overcome obstacles that would stop other contractors or, at a minimum, slow down production.

We service the retail customer base, specializing in grocery stores, convenient stores, restaurants and department stores. Our employees pride themselves on excellent customer service and focus on getting the job completed with little to no impact on operations.

I-Tech is compliant with all security regulations and has several customers in the banking and high security space. Our employees are dependable and trustworthy. Working with GSA Projects for materials and labor has proven we are able to service a vast variety of systems, each with their own unique specifications.

While our roots are in the Maryland, Washington, D.C. and Virginia areas, we are currently expanding our services to areas all over the map.